Hija de Saddam: Siria es víctima de una conspiración, como en el pasado Iraq


Raghad, la hija mayor de Saddam Hussein, ha declarado recientemente que el conflicto sirio responde a los planes de división del mundo árabe urdidos por el sionismo; y que las cadenas satelitales del Golfo como Al-Jazeera y Al-Arabiya están directamente implicadas en la conspiración al difundir sistemáticamente, desde el principio, informaciones falsas.

Pese a las históricas divergencias y a las irreconciliables rivalidades que durante décadas separaron y enfrentaron a las dos facciones del partido panarabista Baath, la hija del antiguo líder iraquí admite lo que es más que evidente.



After a long silence … a bomb Raghad Saddam Hussein
By News on Monday أبريل 22, 2013 | 11:56 p.m.


The International Agency Gaddafi News – statements.


After a long silence said Raghad Saddam Hussein, daughter of Iraqi President “Saddam Hussein,” the newspaper “El Pais Spanish:” What is happening in Syria is just a plot to overthrow the Syrian regime a manner different from that used in Iraq, forces always renewed colonial methods of occupation and worn at all times dress new name for the search for weapons of mass destruction was the occupation of Iraq and destroy all infrastructure and killed thousands of Iraqis and the name of human rights violated Libya and Hahm Aksmunha States and now target Syria in the same way, but human rights would destroy Syria and divided hit still nationalist عروبي.

, and the connection between all these tragedies and events that take place in our country is the “Al Jazeera” The Arabic satellite channel but its agenda and the Western and Israeli background!.

island entered the different corridors and tunnels current resistance and interviews with several leaders of the resistance, but what we see is that whenever a Aalamiha conducted in response to a reporter with the leaders signed But is filtered and captured directly or after a period of several examples of this when the Americans killed Uday and Qusay, the island was present and visualize Aalambeshr the .. The same during the arrest and the Iraqi defense minister Sultan Hashim. . Recall also how you try to follow the impact of Izzat Ibrahim Al-Duri .. Can not be a coincidence Valsdfah not be repeated several times and be objective island Aalambeshr capital mobility event.

All this confirms that the island اعلاميي practice of active intelligence for convincing the United States was closed office oh exotic shell repeated after the end of their mission on the journalists themselves chameleon island of the possibility of lying and camouflage fallacy Arab viewer and martyrs brought them in Iraq during the U.S. invasion, as the end of Tariq Ayoub, but to penetrate further into the thought and the Arab mind even noticed in Libya have sacrificed one of the photographers to convince the Arab viewer and dispel any doubt about them.

island is not neutral and is not channel the opinions of other claims that it works under a colonial tide specific support and it is encouraging channel and the channel of sedition is to fragment the Arab world under the guise of “transfer of the event is” sometimes argue in favor of minorities and sometimes as ethnicities to come back and stick a real بخطابها Shiite conflict Sunni-

and here fell قناعها and exposed when we heard Qaradawi Lefty Jihad in Syria, as we have not heard his voice, and the U.S. Air Force launched from bases country bombed the Iraqis have not announced a jihad against the Americans invaded illegally Arab-Islamic state!.

said the daughter of Iraqi President that his father had refused to speak to the channel after he was told that the Russians if its creation as an intelligence mission fragmentation Arab channel! Revealed Raghad that one Iraqi said that the Tunisian journalist Mohammed Krishan feet in Baghdad and stayed three months after the accident and said that his mission was purely intelligence on capturing Taha Yassin Ramadan, for example, was dressed in one of the houses in the city of Mosul, and the date that the island of journalists named Youssef Sharif, who gave him a group of men they claimed to occupy an island and Atsah channel they are CIA and special forces came to arrest Taha Yassin Ramadan.

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4 respuestas a Hija de Saddam: Siria es víctima de una conspiración, como en el pasado Iraq

  1. Tiene toda la razón, se trata de un gran complot del sionismo para hacerse con los recursos de esos países, trazar nuevas fronteras y propiciar el “Gran Israel”: Iraq, Libia, Siria…Han ido convirtiéndose en el objetivo, de acuerdo con las declaraciones del ex-general de los USA, y ex-comandante supremo de la OTAN, Wesley Clark. Las cadenas Al-Arabiya y Al-Jazeera han sido piezas fundamentales para la difusión de las calumnias contra Sadam Husein, contra el Coronel Gadafi y, ahora, contra Bashar al Assad. Ningún gran medio de comunicación ha defendido la verdad, porque lo que eran medios de comunicación hoy se han convertido en medios de propaganda. Como escribiera José Luís Sampedro, los bárbaros mongoles respetaban unas reglas, pero estos bárbaros del lobby anglo-judeo-americano, de los asesinatos selectivos, de los drones, de las torturas, de Guantánamo, de los desaparecidos, de los bombardeos de población civil, de las invasiones de países que antes eran amigos…no respetan norma alguna. Mi solidaridad con Raghad, la hija de Saddam Husein.

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